The legal warranty protects the buyer in the case of purchase of faulty products. We strongly recommend you read the conditions carefully because in the case of using the warranty it is assumed that the customer knows and accepts the terms and conditions contained in it. The seller guarantees that all the products sold will be free from faults in materials and construction, if used normally, for the whole of the warranty period. The warranty period lasts for 6 months from date of purchase. In the presence of presumed faults the seller will inspect the product and its decision will be final on whether to repair or substitute the product without charge, or else repair or substitute the product and charge the relative costs to the customer. This warranty is subject to the following exceptions and limitations.
The warranty does not cover:

• Any product damaged due to use not considered as normal or mishandling or negligence or due to incorrect assembly.

• Any product with unauthorised modifications carried out after purchase.

• Any product repaired by unauthorised personnel.

• Any product kept in a non-domestic environment or in conditions with humidity, temperature, or salinity levels not within those considered normal for the use of the product.

• Products cleaned or treated with aggressive detergents or chemical agents.

Except for the guarantees listed above the seller excludes all other guarantees either express or implied; the seller is not responsible for direct or indirect damage, special or accessory arising from the breach of warranty or its provisions, or under any other law, including for example:

Loss of earnings, loss of use, loss of actual or anticipated profits (including the loss of profits on contracts) loss of liquidity, loss of anticipated savings, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation; the loss of damage to or corruption of data; the costs of data recovery or any other indirect or accessory damage or loss howsoever caused, including the substitution of equipment and goods.

In any case the maximum overall liability of the seller in relation to each product is limited by the sum paid for said product. Sellers, agents or employees of the seller are not permitted to make modifications, extensions, or additions to this warranty.

This warranty is regulated by and must be interpreted according to the law of the country in which purchase of the product took place; and in any case within the confines of Europe.

The seller is not in any case responsible for accidental, extraordinary, or consequential damages concerning transport costs or the cost of sending personnel for the substitution of the item.

Use of this limited warranty assumes the acceptance of repair and/or substitution, if possible, as sole and exclusive practicable remedial actions by the seller.

The delivery of the goods does not transfer the property of the goods themselves until they are paid totally.
Every delivery is considered as independent from the others concerning the payment.
The late payment or any other default allows us to suspend any other supply.
Concerning any protest which may rise from the parts, even related to the allowed and accepted warranties, does not give any protraction  in the agreed terms of payment , nor the right to suspend the  payment or to modify it and any performance from the side of the purchaser could not be taken into consideration if the purchaser will not regulate his position concerning the payment.

The delivery of the goods is always intended as ex factory unless other written communications are agreed.
The delivery dates are given to the purchaser as approximate and are with effect from the date of the order confirmation.

The deliveries are always fulfilled at risk and on behalf of  the client  even if they are done in delivered duty paid terms.
In case there is no precise instruction from the side of the purchaser the deliveries will be done with the best way possible chosen by ipea srl.

Potential complains have to be presented by 8 days from receipt of goods.
We do not accept returned goods without previous authorization from ipea srl.

There are no minimum amount of orders, the minimum quantities depend on the box of the single item.

ipea is not producer or importer of chemical substances , chemical formulates, nor uses chemical substances, ipea is aware of all what is necessary to do in order to accomplish the fulfilments and duties provided for REACH regulation:

1. Up-to-date data security schedules for the supplied substances and chemical products.

2. Supplier declaration concerning the intentional release of chemical dangerous and non dangerous substances during the function of the supplied articles.

3. Declaration concerning the concentration in weight of the chemical substances CMR (with carcinogen, toxic effects for the reproduction of category 1 and 2), PBT substances (persistent, bio cumulative and toxic), and vPvB (very persistent and very bio- cumulative) which can be contained in the articles.

Following to what above mentioned Ipea could release the Conformity Declaration related only to Ipea’s products for which a specific request is done from the customer’s side. The request has to be explicit and “reasonably” motivated. In order to find the list published from the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), please enter the web-site: http://echa.europa.eu

The articles illustrated in this online catalogue do not necessarily involve the availability and/or realization duty.

We kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot take over any responsibility for improper application of your products.

All the mesurements in this catalogue are subject to variation for technical reasons without forewarning.