Armando Veggetti together with his wife Adriana establishes ipea in 1972 with the aim of producing a range of items for the sofas and upholstered furniture.

For Armando Veggetti, who was already since 1961 owner of the irpa, intuition proved successful.

Since then, thanks to the definitive take off of the Italian furniture industry, ipea experienced steady growth, consolidated by the entrance of the second Veggetti’ s generation in the 80’s.

Within a few years, Marco and Alberto contributed to a decisive development of ipea’s growth and influence on the European market, often by anticipating and acting on shifting market trends.

Today ipea presents itself as a reliable, innovative business that can provide customers with the utmost professionalism and care in every phase of the work process.

For the future, in view of a new generation shift, ipea aims to grow further, improving the quality of its services, communication, competitiveness and efficiency for our customers.