It’s a machine for belt tensioning inserted on the frames of chairs and sofas.

The tension is made via 2 toothed rollers working at different pressures, thus allowing a regular alignment of the belts (tension) and an equally regular lengthening of the same (tension). It can work with any type of belt and the working width is 105 cm. A work plan of 200×100 cm allows you to move easily the frame in case you need to operate on a 2 or 3 seater sofas. The container of the belts is positioned below the work rolls, allowing quickly replacing them quickly and directly from the work side. The time of pretension is easily selected by the user, allowing it to adapt to his style of work. Using a 6 position selector you can easily set the time of tension, so not having to do other operations in case of belt replacement. A mechanical stop complete sensor prevents the operations of pre-tensioning and the tensioning frame is not locked to the work plane. The work cycle is entirely controlled by a PLC. The electrical panel is separated for its easy positioning to the right or left of the machine.


Codice ArticoloHeightWidthDepthWeightPneumatic1 Electric three-phase motor
10066G 110 cm 210 cm 160 cm 210 kg 5 bar 0,33 kW

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