GS – L32G

GS – L32G

Pair of clutch mechanism.

The GS mechanism with the innovative “load limiter” function prevents overloads and impacts , such as a child jumping on the armrest, an action that usually leads to the breaking of traditional mechanisms.

GS also makes use of friction technology that allows infinite adjustments of the cushions, improving the comfort of the sofa.
The adjustments are made in total silence without the classic “click” of snap mechanisms .

Attention: the repetition of overloads or excessive impacts could weaken the mechanism reducing its load capacity.

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Codice ArticoloAnglePack
11MGSER090L32G 90° - 180° = 90° total angle 15 pairs
11MGSER048L32G 90° - 138° = 90° total angle 15 pairs

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