The R&D office is at the foundation of ipea and has seen rapid advancements over the past decade that has led to us becoming one of the most innovative companies on the international stage.

It’s composed of a professional team who interact with customers in order to fulfil their needs through focused proposals and providing new technical solutions.

ipea can provide the reference for every technical matter, analysis and synthesis in the definition of new products. It is integral part of ipea’s service to the customer.

Multidisciplinary specializations in mechanical processing, aluminium fusions, polishing and galvanic procedures, plastic materials, electrica components, working processes of glass and other materials.

Activities and services

Project definition
Planning of intervention actions
Development of all the phases of the project through various programs such as three-dimensional CAD
Executive drawing for the production process with description of the complete procedure
Production of the product’s prototype, internal 3D printing
Advice and guidance during the realization phase
Quality control and certification