It is a table with a weighting system for pillows to combined to the filling machine R3P.

It is equipped with an aluminium surface dimensions 600x400mm. It is set on a loading cell and has the possibility to move longitudinally (until 400 mm run) and vertically (until 150 mm) in order to adapt the table to each pillow which has to be filled. The vertical movement is obtained with 3 electrical actuators leaded from 2 buttons. Through the display it is possible to see the weight and select the preciseness to 2,5 or 10 gr. The table is equipped with a basin for collecting the exceeding material, which can be conveyed into a bin through a collecting aspirator (ex.: Silos SR3S or M1) in order to be recycled and maintain the environment clean. The current power is taken directly from the filling machine R3P (o R3PV).


Codice ArticoloHeightWidthDepthWeightHeight of working board
10067 97 cm 85 cm 110 - 140 cm 50 kg 71 - 86 cm

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